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Photo Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

He switched jobs several times while pursuing his profession in the industry as an investment banker. Charles Rosier was a great partner at BTG Pactual Bank until the year 2010. In 1996, he started his job at Lehman Brothers before joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. A while later he joined Goldman Sachs Bank where he managed the finance department. Charles Rosier attended the Fenelon Sainte-Marie where he received his scientific degree in 1991.

Environment-Saving Projects of Charles Rosier

For poor countries to get cost-effective energy solutions, MPOWERD developed LED lanterns. Charles Rosier is a trusted partner at Innoveox, a French firm working on fostering a friendly and pollution-free atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions can pollute the air and Innoveox tries to minimise this through awareness campaigns regarding the effective use of resources and pollution-free environment programmes. Charles Rosier has done a lot for the environment and helped with the development of energy and power markets in poor countries.

Charles Rosier started his job at Lehman Brothers in 1996 before joining the UBS Warburg Investment Bank. His first Baccalaureate degree was equivalent to A-levels in the UK. In order to accomplish more French certifications, Charles Rosier took two years of additional classes in preparation.

Programmes in Promoting Culture

Charles Rosier drastically admires the music industry, especially when it comes to singing. He is also enthusiastic about movies. That is why he passionately supports French culture. His love for music and culture paved the way to helping a French female singer. He supports various cultural and philanthropic activities. This is not surprising because he has shown support to a French musician and a Silver Lion-winning movie. Charles Rosier has a huge passion for music and culture. This is obvious in the way he provides support to singers and movies.